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Register for either the Internet Course or Book Course Online, fax, mail or call us at (800) 349-1123 for personal attention. 

DMV Regulations

Full-time enrollment for the 2005-2006 school year

Private Educational Network
350 W. Julian Street

Bldg. 5

San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 280-1122


Private Educational Network (P.E.N.) courses meet California's Provisional Instruction Permit requirements for students under 18 years of age. Students who successfully complete Driver Education and Drug/Alcohol Awareness with P.E.N. will be issued certificates of completion that are accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a permit. This is the only online home study course conducted by a California DMV licensed Instructor.

Teenagers in high school or at least 15 years old may participate in our program.

Online education is booming in all fields . Whether it be on a college level, for professionals taking continuing education courses, or traffic school, almost everyone is educating themselves online.

Private Educational Network (P.E.N.) now allows teenagers to learn driving theory from the comfort of home. Why leave the house and attend class when our at-home courses are simple, educational, and fun?

P.E.N. issues official Department of Motor Vehicles certificates and is the recognized leader in California for at-home driver education.


COST: $110.00

Students have 30 days to complete the selected course. Otherwise, Extension fees will apply as follows:

Additional Fee

01-10 days

11-30 days

Extension fees are payable to P.E.N. and may also be requested online at [email protected]


Our program is very simple. It is designed to accommodate the expert and the novice Internet user. You log on this web site and enroll on-line. Or, you may call us and register in just minutes on the telephone and begin immediately !

When you register, you choose your own password and username to gain access to the program immediately.

We will forward the original certificate to you.

The course is divided into ten sections. Once you read through the materials and answer the quiz questions; you will answer and submit individual section final exams. The computer will grade the tests and you will know immediately if you have passed.

Upon successful completion, we will forward the original certificate of completion directly to you. The tuition includes the entire program and the completion certificate. If you do not pass, you will be able to retake our program immediately at no additional charge.

We created our program to be as convenient as possible for the student. It is designed as an alternative to a driver education classroom program, and you work at your own pace around your schedule. You may participate in the program by using your access code and complete the reading in increments of time. The goal is for you to comprehend and absorb the materials.

Upon completion of our online courses, it will take us approximately ten business days to process your certificate. Completion certificates will be mailed upon successful completion of course reading and testing. If a certificate is not processed, we will mail a notice specifying why the certificate has not been sent.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, you may contact us by phone or email.



P.E.N.'s driver education program will begin with the Driver Education section. The reading will direct you as to what to read, where to locate answers, which exercises to complete, and when to take the actual tests. The courses may be done entirely online or via the mailed booklet.


Contact P.E.N. regarding any questions. We are available at support daily or by telephone (800-349-1123) Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


A student must score 75% or higher on every section in order to pass the course. Re-tests are allowed if an average of 75% or better on the tests are not initially achieved. The Parent or Guardian of the minor must proctor the tests. Students must not have access to any of the testing materials until corresponding topic questions have been completed. A parent/guardian must certify that the student completed the test without assistance.


Upon course completion, it will take P.E.N. approximately 10 business days to process completion certificates. D.M.V. completion certificates will only be mailed upon successful completion of the entire course.

NOTE: If a student does not pass or qualify for the Internet or book course, a completion certificate will NOT be issued.

This is a real course.  Don't be fooled by knockoffs or cheap imitations.  Only choose the best